• Free Account

    Our free account includes two tasks and 50 SMS alerts. That can be enough for many people - bloggers, photographers etc. Pingoscope is the only website monitoring service offering free SMS notifications with free account.
  • SMS Alerts

    Since in modern world cellphone is almost a part of our body, when the worst happens and your website stops working SMS is the best way to alert you fast and reliable. SMS works equally well for all kinds of users including IT professionals.
  • Phone call Alerts

    If you have very important web site running and you're afraid you can miss SMS alert, you can always be notified by phone call. Our alert bot will call your cell phone (or land line) and dictate notification's text. One phone call may be counted as several SMS for billing purposes.
  • Skype Alerts

    Skype is also very convenient way for notifications. Skype is ubiquitous, you can use it on the desktop, on the phone, tablet. It's doesn't clot your email account with letters when your site goes crazy. And you can easily see history of alerts. In order to get Skype notifications you need to add contact 'pingoscope.bot' to your contact list.
  • Easy of Use

    Setting up your monitors is very easy. You just type in address of your website and it's ready to go. If you want to tweak optional parameters - it only takes couple of minutes. And you can see result almost instantly in real time.
  • Up to one Minute Check Intervals

    Our top notch infrastructure give us the opportunity to offer you up to one minute check intervals. It allows you react on downtime immediately. Though you could want to lower check interval to 3-4 minutes if you have small website which doesn't need unnessecary load.
  • No Installation Required

    Pingoscope is fully web-based. You don't need to install on your servers/websites anything at all. We handle all the work, you just give orders to our system.
  • Graphs

    We record all the data we get while monitoring your website and you can see it later on nice graphs. It's a great tool for analysis of website performance. If respnose time is constantly increases you can say for sure there's downtime on horizont and try to catch it before something bad happens.
  • Performance Reports

    Even when everything is calm and your website works ok it's a good idea to keep an eye on the situation. Performance reports can be sent each day/week/month and show you basic parameters of tasks.
  • Geographically Spread Checking Network

    Checking network is one of most important things for uptime monitoring service. We use it in a wise way, we don't pour too much requests from all of our check servers but choose on as main for your task and others are secondary and used to remove false positive alerts. That way you get consistent response time statistics, neglectable load on your website and reliable failure catching mechanism.