Account Page

Account Page Screenshot

This page is divided into two parts - first one is account wide settings and second one is contacts settings.

Settings of your account include reports email address. This email is used for weekly/monthly performance reports which contains data with basic statistics of your tasks: average/minimum/maximum response time, mean response time and standard deviation, downtime duration and uptime percentage.. Also, you can change pricing plan using cart icon.

Default task sensitivity is another thing you can tweak here. Sensitivity controls how fast Pingoscope will count task failed. Basically, if you get too many short downtime events you may want to lower that parameter, and if you have very important rock solid website which doesn't get downtime for weeks you can use higher sensitivity.

Timezone is also very important setting. You will get all reports and all dates showed according to your timezone.

In the lower part of the page you can see contacts control area. You can have several contacts within one account, that's usefull when you have many tasks or when your websites managed by community rather than one man.

Each contact have it's own set of settings. You choose contact's name, its notification data and its timezone.

Checkboxes gives you control over SMS\Call notifications – you can prevent Call\SMS sending on weekends and at night. That's useful for tasks which you have to deal with only during your work hours. There's also checkbox that enables sending of follow up SMS. It means that after Pingoscope sends you one SMS alert about some task failure it will repeat that SMS after 20 minutes if task is still failed and you didn't log in to your account.