How It Works

So how does it work? You setup a task which tell us what you want to monitor, how often you want to do that and what Pingoscope should do when task fails.

Small example will help to understand the situation. Let's say you want to monitor your online shop's website, cause obviously it's very important to keep it working.

Suppose it's You setup Pingoscope task, give us URL ( to monitor and choose interval between checks. You can set interval up to 1 minute. Also you can add some text to find on the monitored web page, usually you want some text from the bottom of the page, like “Copyright”. This will help to make sure your page is fully loaded.

After that, each minute (or another interval you've set) Pingoscope will send a request to your online shop. If Pingoscope can get web page and find test text on it than everything is fine. But if some error happens or test text can't be found Pingoscope will count that as failed request.

If several of them will occur in a short period of time (depends on task's sensitivity settings) Pingoscope will perform false positive check using another test server located in different region. If second server confirms failure task will be considered down and notification will be send to you by email\SMS. That's it.