Task Details Page

Account Page Screenshot

This page shows detailed information about selected task. On the top of the page there is task's basic data which you can see also on the Task List page.

The greater part of the page is occupied by response time graph. This is very useful tool for website analysis. You can spot technical problems looking at your site's response time trends. For example, you can find out that during peak hours response time rises unacceptably high.

This graph also marks outages, highlighted with red color. Granularity of graph depends on its time range. For the last 24 hours you can see all individual check results. For the last 30 days you can see check results grouped by hour. And for time ranges which spans more than 30 days in the past you can see results grouped by day.

When you explore graph data you can scale it alongside timeline or response time axis. To do that just push left mouse button near the area you want to scale and drag mouse pointer.

You can also open task properties, click on the plus sing in the brackets - [+]. Here you can fine tune your task - choose sensitivity, notifications ways and notification contacts. Also, here you can exclude task from showing in your performance reports.